About TAMT

The Talent Cultivation Program for Advanced Mobile Broadband Technologies (TAMT)


The Talent Cultivation Program for Advanced Mobile Broadband Technologies (TAMT)  is a 4-year (2014-2017) program, aiming to develop necessary mechanism for enhancing the talent cultivation in the area of advanced mobile broadband technologies in universities of Taiwan, in order to assure that skilled and innovative human resource are available to domestic communication industry when students are graduated, and Ph.D. level graduate students are ready for B4G/5G advanced research. This program is part of Taiwan’s Mobile Broadband Service and Industry Development Initiative, which contains five action plans: expediting the expansion of the network, creating innovative applications and services, protecting consumers’ rights, developing technologies, and cultivating top technical human resources in the field.

The main tasks of this program include:
  1. Program management and logistics: for assuring proper resource allocation in related talent cultivation projects.
  2. Cross-University Capacity building: we encourage and sponsor the establishment of cross-university union in the areas of “Mobile Broadband Network and Applications- Small Cell,”“Mobile Broadband Network and Applications- Mobile IoT,” “Circuit Design for Mobile Communications,” and “Advanced Wireless Technologies for Next Generation Mobile Network.”
  3. Development of Hands-on and Innovation Environment: Focusing on Smallcell, SDR, and IoT platforms for hands-on laboratories and innovation implementations.
  4. International Collaboration: We sponsor project teams for mobile technology progress monitoring, international scholar exchanges, and we also host workshops/conferences for B4G/5G standard trend and IP Issues.

Program Sponsor: Department of Information and Technology Education, Ministry of Education, Taiwan
Program Office P.I.: Professor Zsehong Tsai, National Taiwan University.